The Logistics (The Things You Don’t Want to Think About)

·         You and Us:  We will meet with you and know you before your event.  A pre-event consultation including a review of your event timeline, your specifics and your needs is necessary to making your day your day.

·         Your Vendors:  We will establish a relationship with your vendors prior to your wedding day so they know us and we know them.  We will coordinate your vendor arrival times and services day of.

·         The Checklist:  At our pre-event consultation we will run through a checklist of the key considerations of any event to ensure that all of the bases are covered (you know, who is returning the cake plates to the baker, do you have back up pens for the guest book in case a guest walks off with one, who do you want to make sure to thank that night, what songs do you not want to miss dancing to, and on and on).

·         The Timeline:  Whether it is that the bridesmaids need to walk down the aisle with 30 second spacing (we own a stopwatch!) or you simply have to be out of the church by 5:00, we want to ensure that your timeline (from the first hair appointment to the first dance) is well known by all involved and adhered to.  Let’s discuss whether you want us by your side with our stopwatch or setting up the details at the reception.

·         The Agenda:  After finalizing the timeline, we will provide a professional and comprehensive agenda to you and your wedding participants a week before your wedding.

·         The Gifts:  We want to gather all of the gifts from the ceremony and reception and deliver them to your desired location the next morning.

·         All Your Stuff:  We want to gather and transport all of your belongings between locations – from your button up shirt you wore to the salon to the umbrella you won’t need.  Let’s talk about specifics.

·         Most importantly:  You will have our undivided attention all day long.  We will be there with you for as long as you need us.  We will first and foremost be available to listen to, answer and resolve any questions or concerns you may have.

The Design (The Things You Love to Think About)

·         Implementation of the Design Details:  From stringing 150+ paper lanterns to displaying your escort and table cards to lighting luminaries, we want to be a part of the artistic details – this is what makes our hearts skip a beat.  Our artistic sense and unique ideas are what make our events truly memorable.  Let’s discuss whether our day of time is better focused on design implementation or on the logistics. 

·         Your Ideas:  There is so much that we could never imagine – because it is yours and only yours.  Let’s talk about your amazing ideas and how we can help.